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A: Aah the whole Harikatha series may seem dull to you but its very very good. He is great actor and a very good writer. He has also written some super hits like Hrudayamrita and Kalpavriksha on which he has delivered his out of the world performances. The thing that makes it a hit for me is the magic that he brings to the audience on stage. he looks very natural and is perfect for the style and story. Some characters in that book are very hilarious like Rajnikant, Manoj bhai, Chotu, etc. and are the best hits of his career. Another thing is that he has written some very brilliant dialogues for almost all the characters in that series. There are tons of such series in Gujarati though in Hindi, only his Harikatha series is actually being delivered by him in real life. A very simple suggestion is to watch the latest Harikatha movie before going to watch the live show. Please watch Kalpavriksha, Naradamasa, Maat, Uyar, Udaykrishna, Ugadi, or Hrudayamrita (No one mentioned Kalpavriksha here as its the best one) on YouTube, all the previous parts of Harikathas series. I am sure you will be very impressed by his performance. The reason I said his live shows are very super hits is because of the way he handles the live audience and the kind of way he interacts with them. The way he delivered Kalpavriksha and Harikatha in live shows were so mind blowing. A superhit in itself. He can deliver these lines because he has developed the perfect sense of rhythm, pitch and his diction can easily take a broad range of emotions without an apparent strain. Naradamasa, in particular, is famous for his unusual use of unusual tonality to express different emotions. In my experience, he is more likely to use this kind of effect, rather than your standard speaking speed. Similarly, his use of silence between his lines is always the same (long pauses between lines). At some point, he paused and the audience silently clapped. I think it's a combination of delivery, pitch and ability to emote without overexerting, that makes Harikatha such a big hit. Q: how to replace an element of a vector without an array



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