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Questions à choix multiple en Anglais/ Préparation ENA CI

Les questions 1-20 évaluent vos connaissances en grammaire. Complétez les phrases avec la forme correcte parmi les quatre propositions.

1) _______ you like to join us ? We‘re going to a concert tonight.

a) Will

b) Can

c) Could

d) Would

2) I‘m afraid I _______ come to the party this weekend. I‘ll need to cram for an exam. a) wouldn‘t

b) will

c) won‘t able to

d) can‘t

3) It takes much _______ by public transport than I thought.

a) too long

b) the longest

c) longest

d) longer

4) I‘m flying to Sydney on Sunday and I‘m very _______ about it. a) excite

b) excitement

c) exciting

d) excited

5) You‘d better ask somebody else to do the translation. I would certainly do a _______ job.

a) bad

b) badly

c) worst

d) worsen

6) The boom of Italy‘s fashion industry _______ in the 1950s.

a) has begun

b) began

c) had beginning

d) was begun

7) Since the crisis, _______ graduates have applied for jobs in the financial field.

a) none

b) fewer

c) less

d) much

8) I‘ve made a decision. I‘m going to _______. Otherwise I‘d ruin my health.

a) stop to smoke

b) give up smoking

c) quit the smoking

d) drop to smoke

9) Congratulations _______ a city break holiday to Lisbon.

a) you have winned

b) on winning

c) to win

d) for to win26

10) She _______ a lot when she was at school. But now she doesn‘t find the time.

a) used to swimming

b) was used to swim

c) used to swim

d) was used swimming

11) All assignments will have to be _______ the end of the month.

a) handed in by

b) finish before

c) due until

d) given in

12) The summer break will _______ take up a job and make a bit of money before the new semester starts.

a) allow me to

b) permit I

c) need me

d) have to

13) _______ before Christmas last year. I really like the Christmas markets there.

a) I went to Germany

b) I‘ve been to Germany

c) I would like I spent time in Germany

d) I could only go in Germany

14) I‘m _______, but I‘ll feel better after a good night‘s sleep.

a) a jet lag

b) having some jetlagged

c) suffering a jet lag

d) a bit jet-lagged

15) _______ in charge of safety on this boat?

a) Who

b) Whom

c) Whose

d) Who‘s

16) Not only _______ late at the airport; he also went to the wrong counter to check in.

a) showed he up

b) did he show up

c) he showed up

d) shown up27

17) No wonder he can afford a car like this. They pay him _______ .

a) a salary attractive enough

b) an attractive salary enough

c) an attractive enough salary

d) enough attractive salary

18) You _______ me so much about the film. Now I don‘t want to go and see it anymore.

a) ought to not told

b) shouldn‘t have told

c) must not having told

d) couldn‘t be telling

19) This club is _______ places in the whole town. You must go there one night.

a) one of lively

b) one of the liveliest

c) one of the most lively

d) one of most lively

20) The trade fair is _______ in the city centre this year. The new exhibition centre in the suburbs will not be ready until next year.

a) holding

b) being held

c) held back

d) been holding

Les questions 21-40 évaluent votre maîtrise du vocabulaire. Complétez les phrases et choisissez la bonne réponse parmi les quatre propositions.

21) New York is full of great places to visit. The _______ from the top of the Empire State Building is one of the best in New York.

a) see

b) view

c) site

d) vision

22) Hundreds of years ago, people used to _______ high heels and platform shoes, because the streets were full of rubbish.

a) porter

b) carry

c) wear

d) walk

23) A number of _______ in the automotive industry today are done by robots.

a) machines

b) places

c) trends

d) jobs

24) When the sun beats down it can get extremely _______ here in the greenhouse.

a) hot

b) cold

c) dark

d) loud

25) Mobile phones can do so much more than make and receive _______.

a) phones

b) smart

c) numbers

d) calls

26) In some countries it is considered _______ to eat when you are walking down a street.

a) rude

b) rule

c) ruse

d) root

27) _______ for a job requires good preparation.

a) Acclaiming

b) Affecting

c) Assuring

d) Applying

28) The brain and the other organs need a continuous _______ of blood.

a) supply

b) offer

c) furniture

d) tap

29) They only served _______ drinks at the party, so nobody could get drunk.

a) short

b) long

c) soft

d) hard

30) The _______ in this room is so spacious that I can keep all my clothes in there.

a) clothes hanger

b) clothes horse

c) closet

d) close-down

31) People in a number of Asian cultures _______ when they say hello.

a) boo

b) bow

c) bond

d) boost

32) It is very _______ that some of the extreme weather conditions in this area are due to climate change.

a) alike

b) likely

c) likewise

d) likeable

33) The scientists involved in the project have made a major _______ in the treatment of AIDS.

a) breakdown

b) breakthrough

c) breakup

d) breakaway

34) _______-produced furniture is much cheaper, but it doesn‘t have the same quality.

a) Mate

b) Mass

c) Mess

d) Miss

35) ―Slow travel‖ is a good way to discover areas off the _______ tracks.

a) spelled

b) paid

c) beaten

d) hidden

36) I heard that she‘s seriously ill. I just hope she will _______ through.

a) stay

b) stand

c) pull

d) put

37) This ticket _______ you to a free seat at any of the shows this week.

a) envisages

b) entangles

c) entitles

d) entails

38) He finally realised that he had _______ the joke too far.

a) carried

b) deferred

c) elicited

d) frowned

39) A company‘s success is _______ by its people.

a) cycled

b) driven

c) run

d) walked

40) She looked a bit _______ when she heard the news.

a) checkered

b) jigsawn

c) puzzled

d) pokered


Choose the correct answer.

1) Please send the requested information in a __________fle.

a) separated b) separate

c) separating d) separation

2) __________ many years of hesitation, I have at last decided to emigrate to Spain.

a) Until b) Before

c) After d) During

3) If John__________ there to help me, I would never have fnished on time.

a) hadn’t been b) wasn’t

c) hasn’t been d) couldn’t be

4) The match was a lot _________than I had expected it to be.

a) easy b) easier

c) easily d) more easy

5) ________ good you are, you are never perfect.

a) Forever b) Whenever

c) Whatever d) However

6) If it’s sunny tomorrow, ________ to the beach.

a) we’ll go b) we would go

c) we going d) we are go

7) Only if you pass the written exam________ eligible for the oral exam.

a) that you will be b) you can be

c) you will be d) will you be

8) Last week the government _______ one of its worst decisions ever.

a) has taken b) taken

c) took d) was taking

9) ________ negotiations with the minister, the professional football clubs will go on strike.

a) In spite of b) Although

c) Because d) However

10) It is_________ that Business Schools should have a more selective recruitment process.

a) felt commonly b) common felt

c) commonly felt d) a common feel

11) Every time I go to see the family ________them oysters from Normandy.

a) I brought b) I bring

c) I am bringing d) I have brought

12) What he proposed at the end of his presentation was just ______ to go his way.

a) for get us agree b) to agree

c) to getting us to agree d) to get us to agree

13) I’ve had enough of this. I’ve discussed the subject ___________.

a) so much time b) too much time

c) so many times d) too many time

14) The university has invested_________ to be able to accept more students.

a) 20 millions euros b) 20 million euros

c) 20 millions of euros d) 20 million euro

15) Voters today are attracted ________ by the left _______ by the right.

a) neither……..or b) both……….or

c) neither……..nor d) either……..nor

16) If you want to be friends with everyone you__________ be too rigid.

a) don’t have to b) mustn’t

c) needn’t d) couldn’t

17) The company is changing its evaluation process _________ the importance of teamwork.

a) to make us understand b) for make us understanding

c) for make us understand d) to make us understanding

18) I couldn’t agree __________ with your decision to fre Bob. He was losing us a lot of clients.

a) much b) too

c) very d) more

19) The lecturer ________ course enlightened me the most had no teacher training.

a) who b) who’s

c) whose d) whom

20) Brazil is __________ fastest growing economies in the world.

a) the one of b) one of the

c) one of d) the one

SECTION 2 – FIND THE ERROR: a, b, c, or d.


(a) In spite the hard line he often takes / (b) the Home Minister remains very popular /

(c) with both left and right wing voters, / (d) more than the President and the Prime Minister.


(a) It was difficult before / (b) to find the informations you needed, /

(c) but today, with internet and smartphones, /(d) you can find everything you need.


(a) My son has an oil leak on his motorbike / (b) but he doesn’t listen to me. /

(c) Maybe he will listen to my advice / (d) only when his bike broke down.


(a) They decided to reinforce /(b) the control of their Chinese subcontractors, as they /

(c) realized that customer satisfaction /(d) depends, above all, of product quality.


(a) If I had read the instructions more carefully, / (b)I wouldn’t make the mistake /

(c) that resulted in my losing /(d) the majority of my holiday photos.


(a) I was real disappointed when I/ (b) saw the exam results published by the school, /

(c) as I had the impression that I had passed all the subjects, /(d) but I failed maths and biology.


(a) There is a lot of resistance to GMOs / (b) but do the opponents really understand the problem, /

(c) and can we feed the worlds population in 2050 /(d) without the support of food technology?


(a)Often clubs in difficulty change their trainer / (b) and results are sometimes spectacular /

(c) as the players suddenly seem more motivated / (d) and achieving much better results .


(a) We are working on two large construction projects /(b) in Africa, each of which are complex, /

(c) but neither is as complex as /(d) our major dam project in India.


(a) If you are interested in exciting event /(b) and particularly in extreme sports /

(c)you should go on YouTube /(d) and see some of the Red Bull videos.


(a)The education is one of the government’s priorities / (b) but things are going slowly /

(c) and most reforms are meeting resistance / (d) from both teachers and parents.


(a) My friend has put on a lot of weight / (b) as she is eating far too many cakes and biscuits. /

(c) I’ve tried to talk to her about it /(d) but she won’t listen as she love eating too much.


(a) The last time I saw him / (b)he has gone absolutely crazy, completely mad, /

(c) simply because I told him he should /(d) spend more time on his studies and less time on parties.


(a) I have never managed to achieve / (b)all my objectives, neither personal nor professional, /

(c)even although I have always worked hard / (d)and accepted advice on my weaknesses.


(a)For the generation born after WW2 / (b)everything was a lot more easy; /

(c)we immediately found work after university /(d) and founded a family a lot earlier than today.


Choose the word/words which has/have the closest meaning to the word/words underlined.

36) My five years in the north of England were a terrible experience for me and the family.

a) disastrous b) fantastic

c) excellent d) surprising

37) My eldest brother was a very tight-fisted person.

a) insensitive b) miserly

c) violent d) from

38) His relaxed attitude with customers was clearly an advantage for the job.

a) asset b) drawback

c) promotion d) hurdle

39) In my new company, we seldom have lunch together.

a) always b) often

c) frequently d) rarely

40) At the Christmas Eve party, John’s behaviour was outrageous.

a) outstanding b) fantastic

c) shocking d) superb

41) He was the greatest criminal of his decade, almost impossible to apprehend.

a) catch b) understand

c) release d) tame

42) After only four months in the job, they started to praise me.

a) criticize b) compliment

c) vilify d) stress

43) I was really bemused by the way she tackled the problem.

a) puzzled b) upset

c) amused d) disappointed

44) My director’s flattery was just a ploy to get me to take the job.

a) disclosure b) betrayal

c) assurance d) trick

45) My spell in Dublin left me with a very good command of the English language.

a) job b) studies

c) period d) holidays


Choose the word which has a similar meaning to the word in bold type.

46) tinker a) tamper b) break c) reverse d) crush

47) hamper a) liberate b) push c) pull d) hinder

48) grasp a) scrape b) scratch c) grip d) grease

49) dreary a) lively b) tedious c) cheerful d) friendly

50) seminal a) weekly b) pivotal c) fertile d) educative

51) thoughtless a) unimaginative b) uncreative c) insensitive d) thick

52) stringent a) strict b) bitter c) rough d) acid

53) burden a) bowl b) lamp c) bee d) load

54) awful a) awesome b) fantastic c) appalling d) wonderful

55) shovel a) spade b) rake c) fork d) drill

56) irate a) calm b) fuming c) taxed d) relaxed

57) climb a) rise b) drop c) plummet d) dive

58) glimpse a) guess b) look c) try d) read

59) disclosure a) opening b) secret c) leak d) refusal

60) stubborn a) stuck b) young c) premature d) tenacious


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